Pixel Artist + Illustrator

Hello, I'm Yolie (yo-lee)!
I've been working as a pixel artist and illustrator since 2017.
Born in the Philippines and raised in southern California.
I have a strong love for drawing characters and vibrant colors.
I really enjoy bringing ideas and worlds to life!
Check out my pixel art gallery for games I've worked on.
More TBA!
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Pixel Art

Click on a project below to view my work on each game!

personal art:

Sweet Dreams Alex

Released on Steam in October 2023.

My Role:

  • Created over 70+ pixel art assets for multiple different themed worlds (environmental decorations and structures)

  • Designed the UI for the level completion screen

  • Drew 40+ pixel art illustrations for the world and level selection maps

  • Communicated with a fully remote and international team every week. As well as daily team chat updates

  • Illustrated the key art used for marketing and publishing

The lead artist of Sweet Dreams Alex is Leonid Poliakov!
I included which assets are mine in the captions.

My Work:

Mech Tech

Steam release date TBA.

My Role:

  • Designed the 5 main characters and illustrated the pixel art for each of their dialogue portraits

  • Illustrated the key art used for marketing and publishing

  • Created speaking animations for all character

My Work:

Concept Sketches:

Advent of the reaper

Release date TBA.

My Role:

  • Created 11+ pixel art portraits for characters' dialogue, including a range of different emotions + blinking animations

  • Illustrated alternate sad, angry, and happy portraits for multiple characters

My Work:

Keeper's Toll

Released on Steam in May 2023.

My Role:

  • Animated 20+ characters including walk cycles, attack animations, and more

  • Animated 25+ VFX animations

My Work:


Hi there! You can contact me at yoliedraws@gmail.com.Also, feel free to use the contact form below instead.
Thanks for your interest in my art!
Please mention brief details of what your inquiry is about.

Terms of Service


  • Payments are done through Paypal invoices.

  • Full payment upfront only, or 50% upfront if the order total is $200+ USD.

  • No refunds.

  • Turnaround time is usually around 2-4 weeks. Depending on complexity and my current workload, it may take longer. I will aim to complete it faster if I'm able to!


  • You can post the finished commission on any of your social media platforms with credit to me, @yolie_draws.

  • Feel free to use it as your icons, headers, etc.

  • I will post commissions on my social media and sometimes my art portfolio as well.

  • Personal commissions are ONLY allowed for non-profit usage.

  • Please contact me privately if you want to discuss commercial usage.

  • You CANNOT use any of my artwork for anything related to cryptocurrency. No NFTs allowed. And nothing related to AI art.


  • I will always send a rough draft before I move onto the final stages of the commission.

  • Colored commissions will receive an additional update after the linework is done to make sure you're happy with it before I color it.

  • Revisions are allowed in the rough draft phase. I can make minor adjustments afterwards, within reason.

  • I can do color corrections to make sure it is accurate to how you would like it to look.

  • I will not make large changes during the final stages of the commission.

  • Please understand it will take more time to complete if there are revisions needed.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Ordering a commission indicates that you have agreed to my entire terms of service.
Thank you for supporting my art!